Real Time Information – HMRC guidance on the new reporting requirements for payroll operators, to take effect from 2013.

We now use the very popular MoneySoft Payroll Manager bureau software which is HMRC accredited, and is ready for the new Real Time Information (RTI) requirements from 2013.

Free to bookkeeping clients/ limited company clients

The payroll service is free to those clients who use our bookkeeping service and/or limited company clients.
The free offer includes up to two monthly paid employees. More than two employees per month will incur an extra charge of the current rate per payslip as mentioned below.
Free payrolls for limited company clients who do their own bookkeeping will be subject to setting up a monthly standing order for fees. If the client cancels the accounting services agreement before the year end has been completed, billed for and paid, then any monies paid on account by standing order will be subject to a charge for payroll fees to date calculated as per the rates mentioned below, and any remaining advance payments will be refunded subject to any other further work carried out as per the client’s instructions and not yet paid.
Weekly payrolls are available but will be subject to the normal payroll service charges as mentioned below.

What’s included

The service includes periodic payslips (weekly/monthly) and period summaries. The RTI (Employer’s Payroll Summary) will be emailed to you as soon as it is completed and the rest of the reports will be sent by post to you.
PAYE/NIC summarised totals (P32) for each period and the year to date will also be prepared each pay period so that you always know how much is due to pay HMRC. We also email you a P30 (Employer’s payslip) each month which reminds you how much you need to send the Revenue.
All RTI reports including online submission to HMRC, and printed P60s for your employees.
These can all be sent to you by post/email. We can register you for electronic filing if not already registered.

The current rate for payroll only, without bookkeeping, is only £ 12.00 per payroll run plus £ 1.15 per payslip, with no hidden charges.
This includes all the reports mentioned above, including electronic filing and emailed pdf payslips and summary with paper versions via postal service for your records.

The service operates by sending details to our offices by phone/email/text/post. We then prepare the payroll and print payslips. These payslips are sent to you by email/post each payment period (weekly, monthly etc).

Processing starters and leavers, and end of year P60s is all part of the service at no extra cost.