When do I need to fill in a Tax Return? – click here

  • Self Assessment Tax Return (uncomplicated personal tax return)
    Could also include simple property letting pages for net income after allowable expenses of £2,500 or less, fees from £120.
  • Shoe Box Tax Return preparation (suitable for individuals not VAT registered)
    If you don’t keep proper records then I can magically transform your box of bills into some accounts for your Tax Return
    fees for straightforward cases are £ 240 per year.
    (NB! – if you are VAT registered or trade as a limited company then you must keep proper books)
  • Annual Accounts and Tax Return for the self employed (Sole Trader)
    CIS refunds – annual accounts preparation – self assessment tax returns
    Fees start from £ 350 per year
  • Annual Accounts and Tax Return for Partnerships
    as above, but for partnerships
    Fees start from £ 600 per year
  • Final Accounts for exempt limited companies and LLPs, submission to Companies House and HMRC for Corporation Tax (includes free payroll service for up to two directors)
    What is an exempt limited company? – click here for a description
    What is an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)? – click here for a description
    (fees are payable in monthly instalments from £ 65.00 per month initially for FRS 105 micro entity companies; 75.00 per month for FRS 102 small company accounts)

  • Dormant Company Accounts (legal definition click here)
    Includes submission of dormant company accounts to both Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs, for £120 in advance.
  • Development of Management Information Systems
    Somebody once said “If you think management information is expensive, try ignorance”.
    All businesses can benefit from basic costing and budgeting techniques using most small business software systems. It is often far too late to discover that you are not trading profitably when you get your year end accounts.
    Regular management accounts with basic budgetary control and cash flow monitoring will steer you away from potential problems before they creep up and hit you like an iceberg you didn’t see.
  • Product Costing
    If you are a manufacturer then you will need to know how to calculate the full cost of your products, for both cost control and viable pricing purposes.
    I can advise on how to prepare product cost specifications, showing your prime costs of manufacture (materials and direct labour), oncost for manufacturing expenses and how to absorb fixed and variable overheads.
    Once we have a total cost of production then we can build up a target selling price based on expected operating profit margins.
    I use the very popular Access Database system to produce bespoke business solutions.